Module Highlights

Threat View

  • Single view of all threats impacting the organization’s external threat landscape
  • Updates real-time the prioritized indicators that need immediate attention
  • Provides actionable recommendations specific to identified threat areas

Risk View

  • Single view of all risks impacting the organization
  • Updates real-time the prioritized indicators that need immediate attention
  • Gives trends on organization’s risks against industry and geography benchmarks
  • Provides recommendations to mitigate and reduce risks

Risk Dossier

  • Attribution of threats
  • Contextual threats and risks relevant to the organization
  • Showcasing the profile and journey through correlation and analytics
  • Providing recommended actions for each story component

Reports View

  • Correlated visibility of reported indicators, insights, threats, risks and threat landscape
  • Multi-level and actionable recommendations
  • Daily, weekly and monthly report frequency
  • 24-Hr view of reported insights


Our Solution

Threat Visibility and Intelligence module provides real-time, multi-layered intelligence which also includes the Strategic and Management layers; key to effectively managing the evolving cyber threats and risks in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

Our Solution

Quality cyber-intelligence must be relevant, predictive and prioritized. The advisory and reports for our clients must be tailored to match their industry, geography and technology, all delivered real-time. And our recommendations cover strategic, management and tactical intelligence so that all levels of an organization can take decisive actions to counter any impending cyberattack.

Our Solution

We start the journey from an indicator where initial conversations in hacker forums and closed community channels are used to kick-start the threat journey. Our cyber-intelligence continues to decode the threats by providing contextual details so that our clients understand motive, campaign and method. This is critical in predicting the hacker’s interest, leading to planning and execution of a cyber-attack.

Our Solution

The Threat Visibility and Intelligence module provides ‘Threat View’ and ‘Risk View’ which summarize the external threats and risks posed to the organization. Each of these views contain Top 5 contributing indicators with the ability to drill-down for complete contextual details.

Our Solution

The module showcases the external risk profiles with comprehensive insights provided across all the levels of intelligence – Strategic (WHO and WHY), Management (WHAT and WHEN) and Operational (HOW) intelligence.

Our Solution

Most practitioners approach threat hunting as an analyst-driven process to search for attacker TTP within an environment.

Ours is an intelligence-approach where we look at the external threat landscape (deep/dark web, hackers’ communities, etc) and analysed the data collected to provide context of the threat.

With our cyber-intelligence, security teams can prioritize resources to counter emerging threats. This also reduces dwell time in tackling threats before they escalate and turn into full-blown security breaches.

Our Solution

We provide the outside-in view that correlates with applicable external risks and threats – what organizations are up against, who are their adversaries, their motivation, their state of readiness, tools, techniques and methods.

It is important to understand external threats, malicious campaigns and threat actors that attempt to exploit security exposures in your attack surface. And all this can only come from cyber-intelligence that exist outside your organization’s perimeter.

Our Solution

We provide a comprehensive view of Digital Risks which includes data exposure, third party risk, cyber threats, exposure of brand, infrastructure and key executives associated with the organization.

Our Solution

We provide an ability to dig deep into prevailing malware and phishing attacks that are prevalent in the industry and geography – giving a correlated view into the threat landscape.

We also provide ‘Intrusion Set’ which is a set of incidents, indicators, tools, infrastructure or TTPs, that are grouped together to show how there are relevant to your organization.

Our Solution

The module gives a view of how threat actors are exploiting the vulnerability, including details such as campaigns it was used or have been used in the past.