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THE STRAITS TIMES SINGAPORE – MOM warns of phishing campaign using fake e-mail address with Covid-19 support fund as bait



Published on 20 Jun 2020 by Hariz Baharudin

SINGAPORE – A potential phishing campaign designed to steal personal data and financial information of individuals and companies is being planned by hackers using a fake Ministry of Manpower (MOM) e-mail address, warned the ministry on Friday (June 19).

In a Facebook post, MOM said hackers are planning to use the e-mail to trick people, using the Covid-19 support fund as bait to get them to share such private data.

“The hackers plan to use a spoofed MOM e-mail address (covid-support[@]mom[.]gov[.]sg) and using the Covid-19 support fund as a lure to get recipients to click on the embedded phishing link,” said the ministry in its post, which was later shared by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech).

“These phishing e-mails are designed to drive recipients to fake websites where they will be deceived into divulging personal and financial information,” the MOM said.

Phishing attacks are when hackers pass themselves off as someone the victims would trust to trick them into giving up their data, user names, log-in details or other information.

The MOM said it had received information that the campaign will be targeting businesses, and reminded the public to use only the official ministry website for all information and transactions on the ministry’s matters.

In a report about the phishing campaign, cybersecurity firm Cyfirma, based in Singapore and in Tokyo, said that the hackers claim to have 8,000 business contact details and will target businesses with a phishing e-mail on June 21.

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