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CYFIRMA Featured as Innovative Cybersecurity Startup in CISO MAG, Feb 2020 Edition


CISO Mag is a publication with over 200,000 readers globally covering all issues around cybersecurity. The publication aims to bring the latest news on the happenings around data privacy, regulation, compliance, risk, governance, threats and cyber-intelligence.

CYFIRMA has been featured under the Kickstarter category of the publication where we shared our perspective on how organizations can decode threats and mitigate risk with quality, contextual, and actionable insights. We also shared the importance of deploying multi-layered intelligence across strategic, management and tactical domains to mitigate cyber-risk, and underscored how organizations’ security posture can be strengthened when they have access to relevant, predictive and prioritized intelligence.

‘In the last two decades, the cybersecurity landscape has evolved, but security processes and controls have failed to integrate quality outside – in view of new cyberthreats and risks. Cyberthreat intelligence is an increasingly overused terminology, confusing the industry and blurring the lines between information and quality intelligence. This is where CYFIRMA steps in.’ – extract of article from CISOMAG Feb 2020 issue.


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