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BUSINESS TIMES SINGAPORE – Hackers planning phishing attack with fake MOM e-mails


NEWS COVERAGE from Business Times Singapore

HACKERS could target Singapore businesses on Sunday with a spoofed Ministry of Manpower (MOM) e-mail promising additional subsidies for each of their employees, a cyber security group warned on Thursday.

Singapore and Tokyo-headquartered Cyfirma said an online threat assessment it conducted between June 1 and 16 revealed that prominent hacker group Lazarus Group was planning a phishing campaign targeting over five million people and businesses.

The targets are in six countries whose governments have announced fiscal support to individuals and businesses in light of the pandemic: Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, the US and the UK.

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore said in a statement late on Friday that it has notified “relevant parties”about the potential phishing campaign, and has issued an advisory for businesses and individuals to be on the lookout.

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