Enhance Your Brand Intelligence with Cyfirma’s Latest News | Cyfirma

Published On : 2021-04-08
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Enhance Your Brand Intelligence with Cyfirma’s Latest News | Cyfirma

This is the beginning of our new FY and there is no better way to usher in a brand-new year with our two flagship products – it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the new DeCYFIR and DeTCT!

DeCYFIR and DeTCT are our cloud-based, SaaS, non-intrusive platforms developed to arm cyber-defenders with the right ammunition to secure their crown jewels.

We introduced DeCYFIR at about this time last year. Client feedback has been most encouraging, with many expressing the value they have derived from the platform and suggestions to expand the use cases. With this, we are thrilled to bring the new DeCYFIR to every cyber-defender!

What’s new in Brand Intelligence DeCYFIR?

It continues to deliver predictive and personalized, multi-layered, and outside-in intelligence and insights for clients but now, with the addition of a risk-based decision dashboard for executives, best practice guided approach of managing threats and remediations, plus the all-essential threat indicators for operations teams.

Built on 6 Foundation Pillars

Working with CISOs across many industries, we are now ready to deliver the six foundation pillars of threat discovery and cyber-intelligence.

We now equip clients with attack surface discovery to reduce risk of shadow IT, and present vulnerability intelligence to find weaknesses in public-facing systems. Leaders can now use DeCYFIR to validate vulnerability programs and ensure security controls work the way they should.

We know our clients hold their brand value in the highest regard and with that, we have added brand intelligence to protect their reputation, IP, and executives. With DeCYFIR, client’s digital footprints are revealed, and cases of impersonation, infringement, and data leaks come into light. When leaders are made aware that their brand is under attack, they can take immediate action to stem the damage.

We arm our clients with situational awareness for accurate decision-making. DeCYFIR will present cyber trends in their industry, providing risk insights into the technology stack they use, and ensuring the intel is always relevant to their geolocation.

The cyber-intelligence from DeCYFIR will answer the who, why, what, when, and how of cybercrime in the making. With these insights, clients can mount an effective defense strategy before a breach occurs.

DeCYFIR empowers executive, management and operational teams with actionable insights

  • DeCYFIR’s dashboard is a decision tool for executive leadership helping them understand the shifting dynamics and accelerate critical decision-making.
  • The best-practice systematic approach for security management facilitates risk mitigation with step-by-step guidance. DeCYFIR methodically uncover attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, attack methods, digital risk exposures, dark web observations, and provide situational awareness.
  • DeCYFIR allows operations team to see through the clutter and identify vulnerabilities that need immediate attention.

DeCYFIR’s Risk Dossier connects the dots between threat actor, motive, campaign, and method. The ability to dissect a cyberattack in the making is immensely powerful to help clients gain the upper hand when dealing with emerging threats.

With DeCYFIR, clients receive a single pane of glass to their external threat landscape and know exactly the counter measures needed to close security gaps. They can deploy their cyber defenders and resources to where they are most needed.

Build brand equity by protecting your digital assets with DeTCT

Digital platforms are being weaponized, and digital risk has gained urgency like never before. This is the catalyst which led to the genesis of DeTCT.

You can only stop targeted attacks with full knowledge of your attack surface, vulnerabilities, data breaches and leaks. The sooner this is brought to your attention, the faster you can plug the gap.

DeTCT takes you out from the darkness so you are always aware of data leaks, breaches, and impersonation. Armed with full knowledge, you can implement solutions confidently.

DeTCT is a digital risk protection platform empowering business with real-time digital footprint discovery to find attack surfaces, vulnerable systems, data leaks, and monitors for brand impersonation, infringement, and executive impersonation. DeTCT inspects the dark web and surface web as well as social media platforms.

With DeTCT, businesses can achieve:

  • Proactive discovery of attack path which cybercriminals can use to get in.
  • Weakness in your public facing IT systems.
  • Real-time view to impersonation and infringement of your brand, product, solution and even your executives.
  • Quick identification of data leak, identity exposure, confidential file, codes, trade secrets.
  • Dark web reference of your brand, systems, and people.
  • Social and public exposure of your brand, systems, files, and identities.
  • All with clear remediation steps.

With these new features, we know our clients will further strengthen their cyber posture and stand ready to defend their crown jewels.

Meet the brand new DeCYFIR, Threat Discovery and Cyber Intelligence platform for Enterprise, and DeTCT, Digital Risk Discovery platform for the Midmarket!

Reach out to us if you’d like to take DeCYFIR and DeTCT for a spin.


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