Module Highlights

  • Threat View provides Risk Rating and Hackability Score as well as comprehensive analysis of your external threat landscape

  • Understand your cyber incidents by analyzing active threat actors, their campaigns, motivations, and methods

  • Know the most recent cyber-attacks that have occurred in your industry and geography

  • Trends, Reports and Real-time Assessment help you reduce cost and mean-time of incident response

  • Prevent a repeat attack with complete, relevant and predictive cyber intelligence


Our Solution

We analyse the incident not just by studying what has already occurred, but we also seek to understand the damage the malicious file can potentially cause across your environment.

Our Solution

We provide association with external threat landscape, marry with the threat actors, campaigns, TTP, motivations.

Our Solution

Organisations have a very limited and generic view of malicious payloads prevalent in their environment. We provide insights that correlate with external threat landscape so that you have full contextual details to take corrective and preventive actions.

Our Solution

We are the extended incident analysis team for our customers, providing analytics and recommendations based on attribution with threat landscape and trend analysis.

Our Solution

Ours is a cloud-based solution – where we can provide tangible value add with lower risk to customer’s environment.