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CYFIRMA’s Do you remember series!!-Snippets from Cyber Threat and Risk Predictions for 2019






CYFIRMA’s Do you remember series!!

Here’s today’s snippet of CYFIRMA ‘s Annual report and Cyber Threat and Risk Predictions for 2019:-

As we enter 2019, cyber-attacks and breaches will continue to increase in intensity and frequency. Based on CYFIRMA’s research, the following trends and shifts will take precedence:

Hackers will unleash rejuvenated attacks by leveraging emerging technologies: In 2019, threat actors will show a greater affinity for emerging technologies by exploiting them handsomely. Multi-pronged cyber-attacks will be operationalized with increased usage of AI/ML. This will lead to breaches in humanoid systems alongside block-chain ecosystems and other autonomous systems.

CYFIRMA’s detailed cyber threat intelligence insights are what organisations and institutions need

CYFIRMA’s cyber analytics platform demonstrated its predictive capabilities by releasing 16 Early-Warning Threat Reports detailing imminent cyber threats to various technologies, across organizations, industries and countries, out of which 11 to date are active threats in the wild.

CYFIRMA’s Predictive and Prescriptive Cyber Threat Intelligence is UNPARALLELED

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CYFIRMA’s Cyber Threat Intelligence leverages the latest technologies, analytical methodologies and calibrated tools to future proof the organization’s cyber-security posture.

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